Origin of Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder

Organic roasted brown rice powder was born in a small village called Nobushina, which has more than 1000 years of history and is in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.

Kakeru Ueno, one of the founders of Brown Rice Café, is a rice farmer and a charcoal craftsman.

In 2007, he moved from metropolitan Tokyo to Nobushina with his family.In 2008, he entered into an apprenticeship with an 80-year-old charcoal craftsman. His teacher was always lively and full of energy.

One day, when Kakeru was learning how to use the kiln, he was curious as to what his teacher was drinking. He soon learned that it was a drink made from hot water and brown rice extract.

In 2013 Kakeru Ueno became involved in rice production and, through a unique pulverizing and roasting process, created his own roasted brown rice drink.

In 2016 he met Takeshi Goseki, co-founder of the current Brown Rice Café, and decided to undertake the development of the organic roasted brown rice powder we all know and love today.

They decided to make more safe and palatable drinks that could utilize brown rice, and its unique properties, to discharge harmful impurities from the body.

It took two years to determine the proper roasting temperature and amount of powder. However, they finally succeeded after two years of trial and error in 2019.

How to make Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder

Our Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder is made 100% from organic brown rice. The rice used is Koshihikari rice, which is a sweet and short grained variety and is the highest quality Japanese rice which can be found.

We take great care in cultivating our organic brown rice, using pure spring water and nutrient-rich Japanese soil.

Next, roast the cultivated brown rice with our unique method. The residual heat generated from the burning of charcoal in the kiln is what actually roasts the brown rice. Electricity or gas kilns are not used in the roasting process.

Let’s go into the roasting process with a bit more detail.

Begin with the kiln. Roast a large amount of wood charcoal in the kiln for a day. Next, remove the charcoal and allow the heat remaining on the kiln to now roast the brown rice. The intense heat will ensure the brown rice is fully cooked to the core. Since temperature control for the kiln largely depends on the weather, extremely advanced craftsmanship is required for roasting time and temperature management, and one must constantly monitor the roasting process.

Gas kilns allow for easy temperature management while roasting. The reason we take the time to use charcoal kilns is to create products with a deeper aroma and flavor. By using a charcoal kiln, the brown rice is fully cooked to the core by the residual heat of the kiln, creating a much more prominent aroma when it is processed into fine powder.

Finally, we must turn the rice into fine powder. Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder can be created using a unique grinding machine. As it slowly pulverizes the brown rice, it does not generate excess heat and pulverizes the grains to a perfect powder that maintains a fragrant roasted aroma.

Brown Rice Café’s uniquely Made Brown Rice Powder can not be made without abundant forest and clean mountain spring water.

Can you roast like this?