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Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder

Detox your body

Porous Surface

Observing our Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder through an electron microscope reveals a porous surface similar to activated charcoal, which natural detox capabilities have drawn attention in recent years.

A good source of PHYTIC ACID

Phytic acid, which is rich in brown rice, is a powerful chelating agent which detoxifies the body by combining with harmful toxins in the body and flushing them out.

“The difference between phytate and phytic acid”

Phytate, which is contained in the brown rice, degrades in the body and changes into minerals and phytic acid. With this, the body will not lead to a state of mineral deficiency. As it becomes phytic acid when entered in the body, it goes through chelation by bonding with harmful materials and forcing them out of the body.

Experience a tastier Plant-Based Whole Food


Brown rice is a complete food, rich in minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.
Within brown rice, Gamma Oryzanol is known to have anti-inflammatory action.
Additionally, there are various positive effects on the body, such as improving blood circulation, reduced cholesterol and the prevention of brain degradation.

This superior brown rice is slowly and carefully roasted at an optimal temperature and possesses a strong aroma. The roasting process inactivates the rice’s germination inhibitors (abscisic acid) but preserves the phytic acid and gamma oryzanol, components unique to brown rice.


We lovingly cultivate our organic brown rice using pure spring water and nutrient-rich Japanese soil.


The finely-ground powder includes all the nutrients that whole grains offer, such as bran, germ and endosperm.


Organic roasted brown rice powder’sraw material is 100% brown rice, so no caffeine nor gluten is included.



Organic Brown Rice

Our Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder is made 100% from organic brown rice. The rice used is Koshihikari rice, which is a sweet and short grained variety and is the highest quality Japanese rice which can be found. We take great care in cultivating our organic brown rice, using pure spring water and nutrient-rich Japanese soil.


Organic Roasted Brown Rice

Roast the cultivated brown rice with our unique method. The residual heat generated from the burning of charcoal in the kiln is what actually roasts the brown rice. Electricity or gas kilns are not used in the roasting process.


Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder

Organic Roasted Brown Rice Powder can be created using a unique grinding machine. As it slowly pulverizes the brown rice, it does not generate excess heat and pulverizes the grains to a perfect powder that maintains a fragrant roasted aroma.